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Welcome to hosted by CDBaby. If you're new to the music of Jim Shelley in the form, primarily, of Book Of Kills, as well as The Karl Rove, Fear + Whiskey, Angel Toot Boy, and The Plague Dogs, many songs by these bands are available through CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and other music companies, for download in the form of 192-320 kps MP3s, and non-lossy flac files all under the name Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills.

There are always a few rare mp3's to be found on the audio page. In addition to music, you'll also find here lots of photographs (from such folks as Deanne Good, Andrew Neckowitz, Mary Lou Nipe, Amy Batman, Mary Strickler, Jana Burtner, Chad Nicol, Grail Ogzewalla, George Nipe III, and many others), continuously updated concert and recording news, and a great deal of other archival material. I try to add new stuff at least once a week.

Thanks for checking out and, as always, thanks for listening!

(Banner image by Deanne Good.)