Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Musicians Who Have Appeared (In Some Form) On BOK/Jim Shelley Albums

Jim Shelley - vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drum machine, drums, and percussion

Garfield Banks - drums; Bill Bird - bass, vocals; Brock Beatty - drums; Billy Brett - wind; Dusty Bugg - drums, vocals; Gary Bugg - banjo; Brian Buracker - bass, vocals; Dave Buracker - guitar, vocals; Brian Chenault - guitar; Linda Crouse - vocals, tambourine; Aaron Farrington - bass, vocals; George Finch - guitar, vocals; Casey Firkin - drums, vocals; Jane Firkin - guitar, vocals; John Hash - bass; Mike Hicks - drums; Billy Hunt - drums; Mike Johnson - guitar; Jeff Lown - drums; Todd McClure - bass; Katy Melton - vocals; Christian Nipe - vocals; George Nipe III - bass, vocals; Linda "Pinky" Nipe - wind; Pablo Olivieri - drums; Johnny St. Ours - guitar, vocals; Randy Simpson - guitar, vocals; David Taylor - guitar and wind; David Tekippe - guitar; Brian Temples - bass, vocals; Lisa Van Fossen - bass, vocals; Todd Watson - drums; Jordy Williams - bass, guitar, wind; a number of others whose names I unfortunately can no longer recall.

Selective List Of Albums

NOIZ (December 1974): A collection of crazed guitar sounds and pots and pans banging with weird backwards voices. 2 Copies released. No song list available. (Deleted.)

12 SONGS (January 1983): 25 copies released initially. Re- released in 1992 with three additional songs. Songs: Bright Lights Tonight, Over You, Dark Side of Tomorrow, Dust Balls, Believe, Everything You See, Kids Today, L'aveu, Heart of Gold, Teenage Queen, No Time For Love, Dear Annie, I Can't Hide My Love, Turn My World Around, Queen's Garden, Haunted Life (hidden track - alternate version).

WHAT I DID ON MY SUMMER VACATON (July 1987): A diverse collection of recordings made from 1976-1987. Never actually formally released but copies are in circulation. No song list available. (Deleted.)

THIS IS MY LETTER TO THE WORLD (April 1988): An expanded version of WHAT I DID ON MY SUMMER VACATION. Never formally released but again copies have circulated. No song list available. (Deleted.)

BLOOM OR DIE (September 1989):  The Night John Lennon Died, I Hang Heavy, The Big Sleep, Face, Believe, Girl Can't Help It, Hold On, Bucketful of Sickness, Sleep's Too Short a Death, (I Just Wanna Be) Normal, Live My Own Way. Re-release in 1993 included Answer Me, Crime Club, Thin Moon and the Sky, Don't Look Back and excerpts from the early NOIZ album.

FOR THE GOOD OF THE CAUSE (September 1991): (I'm Glad I'm Not a) Rock Star, No Time for Love, Dear Annie, The Sound of a Door Closing, Everything to See (hidden track), The Girl Can't Help It, Simple World, I Hang Heavy, Revelation, Wild Hog in the Woods, Hold the Wind, If the Light Has Gone Out, Who Will Bow and Bend?, The Ballad of Finley Preston, The Lexington Murder, Wind and Rain, Hit the Road Again.

DON'T STOP THE SCREAM (April 1992): Abandoned, Don't Stop The Scream, Perfect Song, Before And Ever After, Safety in #'s, Religion Is That I Love You, Cara Anne, Party's Over, Pulling Strings, When Your Dreams, Even Peace Becomes Warfare, No Scars.

8 FROM THE ATTIC (May 1992): Originally given away to charter subscribers of 'Notes From the Underground.' Out of print but re- released in 1994 with DON'T STOP THE SCREAM. Songs: Religion Is That I Love You (remixed), Wild Hog In The Woods (remixed), Cara Anne (remixed), She Cracked, Abandoned (band), Turn My World Around (live), Face (alternate version), Heart of Gold (band).

THE HAUNTED LIFE (October 1992): Heaven, In My Room, The Girl Whose Name, Blue Man, Haunted Road Blues, Notes from the Underground, New James Shelley Blues, Fool for Love, The Haunted Life, Talk to Me, She's the Kind of Girl.  Re-release in 1998 included two outtakes: The Tall Dwarf's Lament and That's The Life For Me

WEE JIM'S BLACKEYE (April 1993): Bad Person, Killing Time Again, Little Boy Lost, Lost, Face Up to Your Life, Susan Says, Our Love Was, My World Turned to Black, This World Is Gonna Let You Down, Let's Go to the Grill, Lullaby, Get My Gun Allison, I'm So Bored, Fallling Down, Peel, If My Hands Weren't Dreaming.

BIG BUSINESS MONKEY, VOLUME ONE (July 1993): A collection of new and unreleased material plus some alternate mixes. Songs: Brian, No Mail Today, Dumb Angel, Heaven (alternate), If I Went Crazy, The Wicked Messenger, They Teach You, Reuters, Dark Side of Tomorrow (alternate), Chicken, Oh Death, Susie's on the Rag (alternate), Fool for Love (original version), High Society, The Haunted Life (alternate), I Wish I Was You.

IN MY ROOM: THE BEST OF BOOK OF KILLS, VOLUME ONE (April 1994): Features numerous remixes and some unreleased material. Songs: Cindy, Don't Stop the Scream, In My Room, Simple World, Bad Person, Wild Hog in the Woods, Shapes of Things to Come, Religion is that I Love You, If I Went Mad, Cara Anne, What Am I Supposed to Do?, ...Like Me, Over You!, (I'm Glad I'm Not a) Rock Star, When Your Dreams, Shady Grove, Wind and Rain, The Haunted Life, No Time For Love, I Hang Heavy, The Night John Lennon Died, The Girl Who Sets People on Fire, This World is Gonna Let You Down, Lullabye, When are the Saucers Coming for Me?, Pulling Strings, The Girl Whose Name, (I Just Wanna Be) Normal, Sometimes I Get Happy. An excellent sampler, even though it is a bit heavy on BOK's more "subdued" songs. Nice liner notes by artist Aaron Farrington.

SONGS FOR A GONE WORLD (May 1994): Released under the name " Angel Toot Boy." Songs: Pista Por Pulgado, He's Coming Back, The Lawless 90s, Do Not Expect Again, A Slight Shift in the Centre of the Universe, ...Now I'm Nothing, 3 Chrs. 4-ever She's Beautiful, Sleeping Would Be Great Shakes, Thousand Voices, Where Are Human Feet?, Potatoes & Steak, This Is, No More Cocoons, Thin Passing, I Found Out It's In My Head, Everybody Knows That Joke, Why Won't You?

JIM SHELLEY/BOOK OF KILLS (October 1994): A special edition of ten copies given away as part of a promotion. 'Live in the studio' acoustic versions of various BOK songs plus some unreleased material and three live performances of some Bob Dylan songs by a makeshift band. Songs: This World Is Gonna Let You Down, When Your Dreams, Little Boy Lost, (I'm Glad I'm Not a) Rock Star, Religion Is That I Love You, The Idiot Theory, In My Room, If I Went Mad, Fool For Love, Hold On, Simple World, High Society, If The Light Has Gone Out In Your Soul, While There's Life, You Ain't Goin' Nowhere, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, All Along the Watchtower.

DETRITUS (November 1994): I Hang Heavy (band), Killing Time Again (band), Fat Woman Lying in the Road (band), Lost (band), Jesco White, (Welcome to the) Idiot Planet, Wet Dog Shakes #3, Message to the King, Because Because. Featuring Dusty Bugg, Brian Temples and George Finch.

IN MY ROOM: THE BEST OF BOOK OF KILLS, VOLUME TWO (February 1995): Featured numerous remixes and some unreleased material. Songs: Killing Time Again (band), 1000 Voices, My World Turned to Black, The Sound of a Door Closing, I Start to Fall, I Wish I Could Be You, Lost (band), She's the Kind of Girl, Why Won't You?, Fat Man and Beauty, Abandoned, Blue Man, 3 Chrs. 4-ever She's Beautiful, Naked, Peel, Hit the Road Again, I Hang Heavy (band), Fat Woman Lying in the Road, Susan Says, Sleeping Would Be Great Shakes, Fool for Love, Never Be Like You, Kurt Cobain (also known as 'Fade'), Little Boy Lost. (Deleted.)

BIG BUSINESS MONKEY, VOLUME TWO (May 1995): Collects material from the deleted DETRITUS and THE BEST OF BOK, VOL. TWO. plus some previously unreleased material. Songs: Because Because (Band), Wild-Eyed Boy, Shapes of Things, Another Sad Song, Never Be Like You, Jesco White, I Start to Fall, Fat Woman in the Road, Naked, Fade, I Hang Heavy (Band), Lost (Band), Fat Woman in the Road (Band), Killing Time Again (Band), Idiot Planet, Wet Dog Shakes #3, Message to the King, Because Because. Features Brian Temples, Dusty Bugg, and George Finch on the 'band' songs.

SAINT JUDAS (July 1995): O To Be My Father's Dragon, I Wish I Was A Machine, La La La La La La, Without Her, That's What She Said, Rabies, I'll Only Wait Forever, If You Want It Take It, The Way It Should Be, Absolute Zero, I'm Not Going To Walk Away, Waiting On A Friend.  Re-release in 1998 included: Jesus Was An Alien, One Of These Days, Walking Backwards, and My Date With Kim Deal.

RE(=JECT) (August 1995): Limited edition giveaway of 25 copies released with the 'La La La La La La'/'Simple World' single. A collection of very early recordings as well as a few more recent odds and ends, including some outtakes from the SAINT JUDAS sessions.' Out of print. Songs: What Am I Supposed to Do?, Too Late, Dark Side of Tomorrow (live), We Shall, Everything to See, Susie's on the Rag, Sleep's Too Short (fragment), Page 98, Mary had a little ham, Abandoned (live), Noiz, Heart of Synth, Normal, Heart of Gold, Don't Worry, I Will Wait, If I Could Only Telll You, Drowning, Don't Let Yesterday Get in the Way of Tomorrow, One of These Days, My Date w/ Kim Deal, Jesus Was An Alien, Walking Backwards, Get My Gun Allison (live).

LA LA LA LA LA LA LA(SHE'S A PUNK ROCK GRRRL) b/w SIMPLE WORLD (August 1995): The first BOK 7 inch.

WRITING ON THE WALL (BIG BUSINESS MONKEY, VOLUME 3) (June 1996): Includes material from a never-completed album plus live performances from a concert at the Little Grill in Harrisonburg, VA some time in October 1994. Songs: Accidentally Naked, Live for Love, Journey Blind, Back to the Way, Shit's Gettin' Deep, The Lapse That Tides Us Over, I Leave Her There Till She Rings 3 Times + Don't Stop the Scream, I Hang Heavy, Negative Creep, Who Was in My Room?, Killing Time Again, Heaven, Abandoned. The live material was recorded on a cheap cassette player but it is still exciting to listen to the band interact with the audience, especially on "Abandoned."

SPLENDID TRIGGER (August 1996): Never Be Like You, There I Go Again, The Darkest Place, Heaven Hates Who It Hates, F#@%ed Up World, A Day Like This, Bandaids & Tea, The Alien Girl, Isn't That Something?, Darkside In, Same Old In/Out, Accidentally Naked, I Believed You, I Fell Inside, Glow Boy Goes to Heaven, If The Light Has Gone Out in Your Soul, Full, Heaven Can Wait, Earthbound, Live For Love, Hopeless, Lucky Star, Kinda Pretty, Girlfriend, What I Get, Theme From An Imaginary Life, Lucky Boy, We've Got Our Boy Back!, And His Mother Cried. Weird, LONG album. Jim's first rock opera! Re-release added an alternate version of And His Mother Cried.

NOTHING YOU CAN SAY... (March 1997): Fade, Placebo, She's the Kind of Girl, March of the Lima Beans, I Start to Fall, Paperback Writer, Cara Anne, Lost (live), If I Should Disappear. Features Brian and David Buracker and Brock Beatty on the first eight songs. (Deleted, but most songs appear now on the BIG BUSINESS MONKEY, VOLUME TWO compact disc.

SO FAR IN EVERY DIRECTION (July 1997): Port, Stanley the Steamer, Angels on the Lam@, If I Should Disappear, Especially for You, Turn My World Around, Fire in Brooklyn, Psychic Diving, When You Wish, Starchy, Kisses to the Crying Cooks, Yeh Yeh Yeh Yeh Yeh, This Time (Maybe), Free Assembly, Heartbroke and Skinned Up.  Re-release in 1999 included Psychic Diving, Intro To F.A., Yer House Needs Painting, Takes 2, Insert Here, Remember To Forget, and Avant Garde or Fucked Up Shit.

IF I SHOULD FALL cd single (May 1998): If I Should Fall, Lost Puppy Flyer, This Was, Temporal Adventures in Dust, Airplane Impressions, Any Other Way, Caroline, Realistic Mind, Free Assembly.  Random cd's featured a hidden Ramones cover of I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend.

NEVER BE LIKE YOU cd anthology (July 1998): TOO DAMN MANY TO LIST! A collection (supposedly volume one of a three volume set) of 38 songs surveying the first ten years of BOK-dom. Contains two unreleased songs: The Danger That Can Drive You Home and a live version of Killing Time Again. (Deleted.)

WELCOME TO CONCRETE (August 1999): Welcome to Concrete, Little Whirl, Banquet, Uncle Jackie Stab and Mr. Dick, The Danger That Can Drive Home, See You Again...

WRITING ON THE WALL (September 1999): This compact disc version of the earlier tape album has been radically reconfigured. It now features new material as well as the eight studio songs from the original--Just An Average Day, The Handcuff King, La Fee Verte, Laughs All Around, Banquet (remix), Strange One, Accidentally Naked, Live For Love, Journey Blind, Back To The Way, Shit's Getting Deep, The Lapse That Tides Us Over, I Leave Her There Till She Rings Three Times, Bandaids and Tea.

THE 1999 AIN'T RECORDS SPECIAL LISTENERS CLUB HOLIDAY COMPACT DISC (December 1999):  She's The One, I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You,  Never Talking To You Again, Do The Wipeout, Rain, and It's Christmas Time Again.

SONGS (1983-2000) - The Best of Book of Kills (November 2000): The ultimate BOK best-of? 47 songs. Way too many to list! Includes a nice 8 page booklet with song notes by Jim. (Deleted.)

E.P. (February 2001): Cave In, Why Won't You?, Caroline, Fade, So Wicked, If You Want It Take It! (The first--and most likely only--cd by Jim, Jane, Casey, and Lisa line-up!) (Deleted.)

COLLECTION (February 2002):  Yet another, but probably the best, collection of old BOK material, and since all the other best-of's are no longer available, this is the only choice you have if you don't want to buy the individual cds. Not technically a best-of actually; Jim simply put together 24 of his songs that he liked in particular and which he felt flowed together as one long 78 minute album. For the time being, available only through GAJOOB.COM, this album comes with a nifty limited edition e.p. -- WHEN WE WAKE -- featuring four previously unreleased songs:  Cast a Longer Shadow, We Went Wrong, Backing into the Future, and When We Wake.

HOGGETT HEADS (May 2002):  Abandoned, Cave In, Accidentally Naked, Face, Bad Person, Running, Rain, To Dream A New Dream, Gemini, Just An Average Day, Sweet Lullabye, Sweet, I Hang Heavy-->Up In Flames-->I Can't Stand It Anymore, I Was Wrong, Money. The first new BOK album in three years! Features band versions of some old BOK favorites as well as lots of new material.

ALL ABOUT YOU (September 2002): What Never Was, See You Again, Then I Kissed Her, This Sacrifice, Paper Dolls, The Darkest Corner, Never Ending, What You're Gonna Do, Can I Come Over Tonight?, The AntiMan Song, Backing Into The Future, All About You. The first new solo album from Jim since 1999's WRITING ON THE WALL.

COLLECTION 2 (April 2003):  In My Room, Any Other Way, Angels On The Lam, Fucked Up World, Cara Anne, Live For Love, I'm Not Gonna Walk Away, Lost, See You Again, I Wish I Was A Machine, Heaven, My World Turned To Black, When Your Dreams, Turn My World Around, Never Be Like You, Port, La La La La La La, What Never Was, Jesus Was An Alien, Abandoned, (I Just Wanna Be) Normal

WASP 51! SPECIAL EDITION  (September 2003):  In My Vibration Time, Lost My Head In The Dreaming Hour, Not Like A Mirror Image, Better Yet Let's All Go To Bed, The Big Man Strikes Out For Undiscovered Country, Real Again, Things You Can't Be, You Go To You And I By Me, The Usual Method, She Has The Scars To Prove A Life, Soft Surrender, Might've Been Maybe Queen, 26 Heavy Weight Bleeders On Parade, Scrapezoid, The Dancer Cries For Leaps And Hugs, Savage Destination: Down, Let The World Spin All Around It, Ah Ahh Ahhh!, Goodbye.  The special limited edition of fifty for this album featured unique handmade signed and numbered collages by Jim and the extra song, Hardly No Results For Bitter.

DETRITUS/LIVE OCTOBER 20, 1994 (November 2004 re-release):  Because Because, I Hang Heavy, Killing Time Again, Fat Woman Lying In The Middle Of The Street, Lost, Jesco White, Idiot Planet-->Wet Dog Shakes, Message To The King, Because Because, Never Be Like You, I Start To Fall, Naked, Fat Man And Beauty, Shapes Of Things, Fat Woman Lying In The Street, Wild-Eyed Boy, Another Sad Song, Fade, Don't Stop The Scream, I Hang Heavy, Negative Creep, Bad Person, Little Boy Lost, Who Was In My Room Last Night?, Killing Time Again, Seasick, Heaven, Get My Gun Allison, Lost, Abandoned.

SONGS FOR A PLAYED OUT GENERATION (December 2004 sampler):  What Never Was, Alien Girl, Angels On The Lam, Any Other Way, Caroline, Free Assembly, Heaven, I Fell Inside, I Start To Fall, If I Should Fall, In My Room, Jesco White, La La La La La La, See You Again, She's The Kinda Girl, Stanley The Steamer, That's What She Said, You Go To You And I By Me

ROCKIN' THE CHEETAH'S ASS (April 2004):  Accidentally Naked, Cave In, Style-->Bad Person, Gemini, AntiMan, Sweet William, Nelson-->Then I Kissed Her, Killing Time Again, Clever, Jesco White, I Was Wrong, Stanley The Steamer, If You Want It Take It, To Dream A New Dream, Sweet, Why Won't You-->I Can't Stand It Anymore, Money, Because Because (bonus track)

I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE (September 2005): This Is The Way Of The World, A Space Where You Can't Go, Waiting On A Busted Cloud, We Are Here Because We're Here, The Greatest Of All Time, Surprised We Made It, I Say Yes And You Say Yes, Somebody Told Me, The Uncontrolled Mysteries, The Way It Should Be, Another Shitty Day In Funtown, The Long One, These Days (outtake), Following Threads (outtake), Let's Begin The Begin (outtake)

ADVENTURES OF AN INSPIRED AMATEUR (August 2006):  Seven disc box set that includes all the "hits' as well as numerous unreleased outtakes, live cuts, and songs recorded especially for release on the box set.  More than 160 songs total (Deleted).

THE MONKEYCLAUS SESSIONS PLUS (October 2006):  Little Metal Toys (Monkeyclaus e.p.), God Bless (Monkeyclaus e.p.), River Of Blood (Monkeyclaus e.p.), Empire In Decline (Monkeyclaus e.p.), Winds Of Dying (Monkeyclaus e.p.), Caspian Sea (Monkeyclaus e.p.), Another Shitty Day In Funtown (Outtake), Bucketful Of Sickness (Outtake), JROTC (Acoustic Version - Outtake), My World Turned To Black (Schuyler Sessions), Aesop's Back (Schuler Sessions), Righteous American Dream War Live @ Gallery 5), Little Metal Toys (Live @ Gallery 5), Different (Live @ Gallery 5), Caspian Sea (Boombox Version) Featuring Johnny St. Ours, Aaron Farrington and Billy Hunt & recorded as The Karl Rove band, this is a compendium of the original MonkeyClaus Sessions e.p., outtakes, live cuts and home recorded tracks.

DIFFERENT (August 2007): Dante's Zoological Skin, Run Vanish, Fashion Right, You Burn And You Know It, The Promised Of The Lost Highway, Before This Shithouse Burns, Cage & Done, Every Day, Ready For Free Fall, Grievous Wolves Enter, If They Know You Sing (Then You Must Sing), In The Best Modern Way, Marzipan Day, Midnight Saint, Out Of Sight (And Out Of Time), So Tired, Shampoo

FREE (August 2007): You Don't Know Me, Little Metal Toys, It, Lost (Released as The Plague Dogs with George Nipe singing You Don't Know Me and It.)

THE PLAGUE DOGS (June 2008):  Release, River Of Blood, Mexican Buzzsaw, My Friend, Sunrise, Glass Turns To Sand, Little Metal Toys, Roulette, Paint It Black

THIS IS YOUR BOOK OF KILLS (December 2008): And No One's Laughing Anymore, Fade To Fall, Let Me In, Pineapple Dog, 3 Lunes, The Danger That Can Drive You Home, Never Ending, Hello Teenage America, Can't Pin That On Me, Angels On The Lam, Last Good Dream, Shake My Tree, Who Is He Crushing Now?, Different Story, Another Christmas Day (bonus track)

TOWARD THE ESCAPE (October 2009): Killing Time Again, Placebo, So Tired, To Dream A New Dream, Fade, Blue Man, Never Be Like You, I Fell Inside, River Of Blood, The Nothing, Marzipan Day, Different, Stanley The Steamer, Why Won't You, Don't Stop The Scream, Little Metal Toys (The final album from Book Of Kills?  A veritable best of as performed by George Nipe, Mike Hicks and Jim Shelley.)

THE AIN'T RECORDS SINGLE OF THE MONTH #1 (January 2010): Nomi's Song (If You're Ever In The Neighborhood), The Music We Haven't Made Yet (The first in a proposed long-term series of monthly singles...sure.)

THE AIN'T RECORDS SINGLE OF THE MONTH #2 (February 2010): Six Shadows Lost, The Kings Have Spoken, Reasons To Be Pretty, Little Sally Walker (The last in a proposed long-term series of monthly singles.)

THE STRANGE ONE - OUTTAKES & DEMOS ( 2010): Shining Deep & Broken, (Take a Deep Breath and) Blow the Clouds Away, By Hook or by Crack, Simple World (2002 Version), I've Got the Scissors, Like Flies in a Jar, The Strange One (Version 1), Give Till It Pukes, Haunted Road Blues (Hot Pavement Version), Here Today, A Killer Pair & A Perfect Slice, If You Have Any Questions, I'm Going Back to the Zen Arcade, Few & Far, Jammy Poo, Cocktail Sweet Charm Princess, She Got the Glow (Baby Cakes), The Further I Go, Get Back Go Back, Little Lucky Miami, The Shape of Your Eyes Go 'Round My Heart (Long Version), To Susan, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend, To Dream a New Dream (Demo), She's the One (Extended Version), CNV 43, Bloody Mess

SCRAPING THE BOTTOM (May 2011): 2001 WXJM Interview With Book Of Kills, Why Won't You->Up In Flames->I Can't Stand It Anymore (live), High Society, Windowless Facade->LA Song->I Wish I Could Be You (live), She's The One (live), Cold Rain And Snow (live). (This was an extremely limited - probably only six copies exist - 'thank you' compact disc sent to long-time supporters of Book Of Kills.)

BONA FIDE (May 2011): Lost Highway, Carry Me, Man In The Long Black Coat, Few & Far, Shake My Tree, Bona Fide (A few "bonus" CDs also contain Hold The Wind, Cold Rain And Snow and Blue Heart Drumming in their original form and in "expanded" versions where Jim added a guitar or two to each track. This is Fear + Whiskey's first album and features Amy Bugg on bass and vocals and Jeff Lown on drums.)

THE PLEASURES OF SAYING GOODBYE (January 2012): Mary O'Brien, The Music We Haven't Made Yet, Blue Heart Drumming, The Kings Have Spoken, Reasons To Be Pretty, Nomi's Song, Six Shadows Lost, The Pleasures Of Saying Goodbye, Watch The Stars (A compilation of most of the songs from the "Single of the Month" series, remixed and remastered, as well as three new recordings.)

PSYCHIC DIVING (November 2012): For All You're Worth, When We Wake, Do The Wipe Out, Thin Moon And Sky, That's The Life For Me, Psychic Diving, Yeah Right, I Wanna Thank You, Following Threads, Jesus Was An Alien, So Far In Every Direction, Walking Backwards, Blue Heart Drumming, Sometimes I Get Happy, Like Me..., I Wish I Was You, Fat Man & Beauty (The Ballad Of Kim Deal & Black Francis), Naked, Wait It Through, Ghost In A House Of Mirrors

FEAR + WHISKEY ANTHOLOGY (August 2013): Hold The Wind, Cold Rain and Snow, Blue Heart Drumming, Thin Moon & Sky (Live), Lost Highway, Carry Me, Man in the Long Black Coat, Few and Far, Shake My Tree, Bona Fide, Marzipan Day (Live), For What It's Worth (Live), Jesco White (Live), Heaven (Live), Running (Live), Blue Man (Live), Bike (Live), Stanley the Steamer (Live), To Dream a New Dream, Fade, The Pleasures of Saying Goodbye

RIDING THE ECHO DOWN (June 2014): Not So Lost, You Don't Owe Me Anything, Make The Right Things Right, I Guess You Fucked Up Another Day Of Mine, From Eternity To Here, Smoke In The Wind, Oh Jenny Day!, The Last Dumb Show, Watching Long Distance, Painted Bird, Marking Time

BIG BUSINESS MONKEY, VOLUME 5 (April 2015): World's All Wrong, Make The Right Things Right (Original Version), Rain (Live Performance), Blue Heart Drumming (Live Performance), Sometimes I Get Happy (Demo), Fade (Fear + Whiskey Version w/ Jim Vocal), The Pleasure Of Saying Goodbye (Fear + Whiskey Version w/ Jim Vocal), Ah! Ahh! Ahhh! (Demo), Port (Demo), Tweak's Lament, 26 Heavyweight Bleeders On Parade (Live Performance), The Girl Whose Name (Demo), Unfinished Instrumental

HUMAN AGAIN #1 in the Book of Kills Singles Club Series (August 2015): Three Winds in the Sheet, How Beautiful Are We?, I Could Live in a Tree, Gone to Glory, Sweet Sweet, Prelude to Little Lulu, Little Lulu Sunshine, It Starts Here With Us, Where I Stood That Day, A Place Somewhere, We Must Try to Be Alive

MATCHLESS MINE #2 in the Book of Kills Singles Club Series (September 2015): Matchless Mine, The Promised of the Lost Highway (demo), Am I Going Down With You?, Never Be Like You (Live at the Outback Lodge), Who Dares Defy the Hand of God to War? (Live Practice Version), Little Lulu Sunshine (Piano Version)

LIVE X 4 #3 in the Book of Kills Singles Club Series (October 2015): Killing Time Again (alternate take), Blue Man (alternate take), Stanley the Steamer (alternate take), To Dream a New Dream (live)

WON'T YOU ROCK ME DADDY-O! #4 in the Book of Kills Singles Club Series (November 2015): Dink's Song (Fare Thee Well My Honey), Won't You Rock Me Daddy-O, All The Good Times Are Past And Gone

I ROAM THE WORLD BETWEEN & 3 OTHERS #5 in the Book of Kills Singles Club Series (December 2015): I Roam the World Between, Until the Day I Meet You, A Bluebird Will Do, She Isn't Mine Anymore

FILLING IN HOLES b/w HUMANOID STRANGE #6 in the Book of Kills Singles Club Series (January 2016): Filling in Holes, Humanoid Strange

WEE DROWNED SISTERS & WHIMSY FROWNS b/w GOING THROUGH THE MOON TO GET TO THE MOTIONS #7 in the Book of Kills Singles Club Series (February 2016): Wee Drowned Sisters & Whimsy Frowns, Going Through the Moon to Get to the Motions

THIN MOON & SKY #8 in the Book of Kills Singles Club Series (March 2016): Thin Moon & Sky, Love Minus Zero/No Limit, Thin Moon & Sky Live on WXJM

ONE LAST PROMISE TO KEEP #9 in the Book of Kills Singles Club series (early May 2016): One Last Promise to Keep, Don't Give Yourself Away (to Just Anyone)

JACK BOOTS ON COBBLESTONE #10 in the Book of Kills Singles Club series (June 2016): Jackboots on Cobblestone, Your World Will Shape My Bones

WATING FOR THE BEAT DOWN #11 in the Book of Kills Singles Club series (late July 2016): Turn Away Forgetting, The Myth that Holds the Water Up, Like Mad, Saluted and Defied, Gather and Release, The Myth that Holds the Water Up (Reprise)

12 x 1 = DONE #12 in the Book of Kills Singles Club series (September 2016): Stuff No One Can See, Saddest Day Ever, Django T. Banghardt, We Aren't/We Are, Your Jets, Things That I'm Not, The Rising Tide of the Next Moment

FILLING IN HOLES - SINGLES CLUB SERIES REMIXES #1 (November 2017): Included remixes of all of the tracks from Singles of the Month #'s 5, 6 and 9.

HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE WE? - SINGLES CLUB SERIES REMIXES #2 (December 2016): Includes remixes of all of HUMAN AGAIN + Matchless Mine and Am I Going Down With You? from MATCHLESS MINE.

SALUTED AND DEFIED - SINGLES CLUB SERIES REMIXES #3 (March 2017): Contains all of the tracks from Singles of the Month #'s 10, 11 and 12. Not all of the tracks were remixed since the multi-tracks from singles #12 could not be located.

BIG BUSINESS MONKEY, VOLUME SIX (March 2018): Two Odds Make An Even, Love Minus Zero/No Limit, For All You're Worth, Running (Live), All The Good Times Are Past And Gone, Put Out The Lights, A Place Somewhere, Then I Kissed Her (Live), World's All Wrong, Going Through The Moon To Get To The Motions, Bona Fide (Acoustic Demo), Won't You Rock Me Daddy-O?, Carry Me (Live On WXJM), Caroline (Outtake), Dink's Song, Thin Moon And Sky, Ghost In A House Of Mirrors, Shampoo (Alternate Mix), Wee Drowned Sisters And Whimsy Frowns (Alternate Mix), Live Your Life Like You're Alive

(Jim has appeared on several compilations: "The Homemade Music Sampler"; GAJOOB's "The Smell of Success" (which featured an abysmally mastered...not my fault...recording of 'I Start to Fall'); the "Kiss My Dead Lips" Scott Johnson {Love, Calvin} tribute album; "Basement Stories, Volume Two"; "Amazing"; "Communic8r"; and a couple that I forgot the name of.)