Photographs 2

Randy Simpson setting up for practice, January 27, 2019. (Photo by Jim Shelley.)

George Nipe III, bass player and owner of the house where BOK currently practices. That P.A. behind him has provided amplified vocals for Book of Kills and various other bands since the late '90s. (Photograph by Jim Shelley.)

Jane Firkin in George Nipe III's basement practice space during her brief tenure with the latest edition of Book of Kills. Unfortunately, Jane left the band about a week after this photo was taken. (Photograph by Jim Shelley.)

Garfield Banks drumming slightly out of focus during a BOK practice in January of 2019.

When Dustin Bugg, Brian Temples, Mike Chiarello and I decided to give it a go as the latest version of Book of Kills, the first place we practiced was in the band room of Harrisonburg High School, where I taught English, Creative Writing and Film Studies. (Screen shot from an old VHS tape.)

Back in 2007, after the break-up of The Karl Rove, I was searching for musicians to start up a new band. George Nipe III offered to play bass and sing some and a young Jeff Lown agreed to sit in on drums, though he hadn't been playing for every long. We practiced quite a bit over the course of two or three weeks in preparation for a multi-band show at the Little Grill and managed to throw together a good half an hour set of BOK classics. The gig, along with Meade Skelton, Antelope, Buck Gooter and Evan Moritz, turned out to be good clunky fun.

Me and Johnny St. Ours during a Karl Rove gig at the Little Grill, November 15, 2006, just two days before the band disbanded. (Photograph by Drea Bleu Good-Brown.)

From a benefit show Book of Kills played at Clementine's (in Harrisonburg, Virginia) back in October of 2009. That's Casey Firkin sitting in on the drums for Mike Hicks who I think had met up with friends ...or maybe he flew to Spain to see his family? I don't remember now. Anyway, we simply didn't practice together enough and the gig, while not disastrous, was not one of our better efforts. Nice venue though. And I think we got a free meal and a beer. (Photograph by Deanne Good)

Back before The Karl Rove was known as The Karl Rove...this is me, Aaron Farrington, Johnny St. Ours and temporary drummer Casey Firkin practicing in the band room of Harrisonburg High School while we were still the Book of Proles. From early in 2005. (Photograph by Deanne Good)

One day in the spring of 2009, Jana Burtner came over to our practice space at George's place in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and took a bunch of photographs of me, George and Mike Hicks. I think we were looking not just for "promo" pictures but possible photos as part of a t-shirt design I was putting together. This is one of my favorites from that day. It just radiates the good things about that great little band. Jana had a good eye for capturing the "essence" of Book of Kills. 

(Photograph by Jana Burtner)

Released November 2000, SONGS (1983-2000) was the best BOK 'greatest hits" package until ADVENTURES OF AN INSPIRED AMATEUR dropped in 2006. Included the extremely rare eight page booklet shown in the photos above. 

This is the little book I used to write notes concerning remixing the tracks for the latest (as yet untitled) Book of Kills album. "AG' means acoustic guitar. "LV" is lead vocal. "BV" is backing vocals, etc. Those are not necessarily the titles of the songs, by the way, in quotation marks but rather just a name that helps me remember what song I'm taking notes for.

Another Jana Burtner photograph from the Spring 2009 photo session. As I've said before, when this band was firing on all cylinders it was the best-ever version of Book of Kills. We probably should've been a lot more serious about putting ourselves out in front of people, but we had a lot of fun while it lasted.

The set list for the final BOK show in 2010 signed by Mike ("Spaniard", George Nipe III and Jim. From Gary Bugg's Book of Kills collection.