The "Archive Project" is a 32 gigabyte USB drive featuring forty-five Jim Shelley, Angel Toot Boy, Book of Kills, Fear + Whiskey and The Karl Rove albums (many with bonus tracks). That's over 500 songs! Each album folder also contains liner notes and album cover art. The Archive also contains a folder with dozens of vintage posters and fliers, another folder featuring photos of many of the musicians who made music with Jim over the years, and another folder with miscellaneous images from the last thirty years of Jim's musical history. Each USB drive comes in its own uniquely designed box with artwork by Jim Shelley and each is signed and numbered.


(PLEASE NOTE: The artwork shown here is NOT the artwork you'll receive. It's simply too cumbersome to try to constantly change the item photographs each time a drive is sold!)


The following albums are included on the drive:

2-Headed Girl
12 Songs
Acoustic Kills
All About You
Big Business Monkey, Volumes 1-6
Bloom or Die?
BOK Live August 19, 2017
Bonus Live Album exclusively for the Archive Project (1994-2017)
Book of Kills Live (2000-2003)
Book of Kills Live (2008-2010)
Book of Kills Live on WXJM & at the Little Grill (2004)
Don't Stop the Scream
Fear + Whiskey Archive
Filling in Holes
For the Good of the Cause
Hoggett Heads
How Beautiful Are We?
I Can't Give You Anything But Love
I Know What Love Is (Ain't Records Contest Disc)
If I Should Fall
The Karl Rove Anthology
The Karl Rove Live at the Atomic Burrito
Live 2000
Odds and Ends (Second Exclusive Archive Bonus Album)
Riding the Echo Down
Saint Judas
Saluted and Defied
So Far in Every Direction
Songs for a Gone World
Splendid Trigger
The Haunted Life
This Is Your Book of Kills
Toward the Escape
Wasp 51!
Wee Jim's Blackeye
Welcome to Concrete

The Jim Shelley Music Archive USB Drive