Here you can order THE JIM SHELLEY MUSIC ARCHIVE USB DRIVE with over 500 songs! You can also order individual compact discs from Jim Shelley, Book of Kills, Fear + Whiskey and others. ALSO currently available is an ever-growing collection of music books from Jim Shelley's personal library. And more stuff is coming!

Clicking on the links below will take you to CDBaby where you can sample and download a wide selection of Jim Shelley music as well as see the CD insert cover and read the insert notes. You can, of course, stream Jim Shelley's music with Book of Kills, The Karl Rove and Fear + Whiskey on all major streaming services such as Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal and Spotify. Some albums are not listed because they're not yet available for download and/or streaming. If you wish to purchase an album on compact disc (including ones that might not be listed below), please contact me! (Don't know where to start listening? May I suggest the albums with an Asterix as a good place to begin your Jim Shelley listening addiction!)

Jim Shelley Live! Volume One
The Fear + Whiskey Anthology
How Beautiful Are We? (The Singles Series Remixes, Volume Two)*
Bloom or Die?

Saluted and Defied

For the Good of the Cause
Splendid Trigger
If I Should Fall (Expanded Version)*
Filling in Holes (The Singles Remixes, Volume One)*
Riding the Echo Down
The Pleasure of Saying Goodbye
Writing on the Wall (Big Business Monkey, Volume 3)
The Strange One (Demo & Outtakes)
I Can't Give You Anything But Love

All About You (Expanded Version)
Wasp 51!*

Songs for a Played Out Generation*

Hoggett Heads

Saint Judas*

Jim Shelley & Book of Kills Live (2001-2003)*

Wee Jim's Blackeye

Welcome to Concrete (Expanded Edition)

Songs for a Gone World

Detritus (Deluxe Edition)*

In My Room (The Best of Book of Kills, Volume One)*

Big Business Monkey, Volume Six

The Haunted Life (Expanded Edition)*

So Far in Every Direction

This is Your Book of Kills

Don't Stop the Scream

Toward the Escape (Double Bonus Edition)*